Tips on Finding the Best Rescue Dog

tips on finding the best rescue dogGetting a rescue dog is noble act. Many dogs are abused or left behind by their owners for some reason. They long for love and companionship. Taking them home and caring for them would be a noble act of pure kindness. On the other hand, getting a rescue dog is also a big responsibility.  It is much like choosing if you’d like to have kids or not. Dogs are live sentient beings that have feelings and do get hurt when their masters leave them. Being able to choose the best possible dog is important to have a happy household both for you and for the rescued pooch.

Living in a big household and having children, I have taken a lot of consideration when I have adopted Kyra into our hold. She is a big golden retriever whose owner moved to a different country and really had to give her up. She was active and playful. She like to run a lot and play with the other animals. Kyra and my horses are good friends. She also plays with the kids and the cats well.

I know lots about animals but Kyra was our first adoption and I had to read lots of stuff before I decided that she was going to be a new member in our family. And of course I asked my kids and my husband. Once everyone agreed it was time to bring Kyra home. Now since I found my beloved Kyra with some consideration, I’d like to share with you a few tips into finding a great rescue dog.

What kind of person are you? – Dogs have different temperaments and attitudes. Your personality greatly determines what sort of dog you can live with. If you will be the primary caregiver for the dog, you must fully assess the things you do and the things you expect your dog to be. Are you the type of person who cannot tolerate noise and barking? Are you the sort who likes to watch TV or read books all day even on a bright sunny day? Or are you the type who likes the outdoors and wouldn’t mind breaking into a sweat to have an adventure? You must match your future dog’s temperament to yours. If you pick a dog who is highly active, say German Shepherd and you’re the type who hates going out then the dog would resent being always inside your house and would be restless.

Consider your family members – Everybody has to be on board in getting a rescue dog. Rescue dogs can sometimes be nervous or shy around other people. They can be scared to live among many kids and can get a bit jumpy. Picking a dog who is mildly tempered can be a great way for families with kids. This was what I did when I chose Kyra for my kids. You need to also consult all the members of your family. What kind of dog can they live with? Does anyone have allergies to fur? Is anyone annoyed with noise

Check the dog breeds that suit your personality – You must find a dog who suits your personality well. Some dogs are active and love to play outside. Other dogs can just chill and relax with you at home all day much like a British Bulldog or a Pug. Active dogs such as Collies and Labradors can be great for playing outside. Labradors are great for kids too as well as Beagles. Knowing dog breeds can actually be helpful in your search for that rescue dog.

Meet the dog – Try to check if the dog is nice and friendly. He should not be aggressive towards you. If the dog actually likes you at first instance this can be good sign. But always remember the golden rule of having a personality match. The dog should be happy to see you at least. He would show signs such as wagging his tail, smiling and try to be close to you by going to the door of the cage. Some dogs though may be intimidated or scared in meeting you, try asking the personnel of the shelter if the dog is great around people or if he can be with other pets. Kyra and I was love at first sight. But I did not let my emotions get to me. I thought first if she was really for us. My children loved her. The shelter said she was a happy and active dog.

Consider the time, effort and money you are willing to invest – Dogs are like kids, they have different personalities. They can be high maintenance or they can be pretty low key. They may need training. Teaching them to go potty is one thing you may consider. You need to think if you’re willing to spend for a trainer or do it yourself. You may think about the clean up too. Hairy dogs need to be groomed a lot, short coated dogs can be easily showered. What kind of dog food can you afford? Even if they are rescues they required quality food and care. You need to deworm them and check if they have fleas or had fleas previously. Proper hygiene is an important thing to consider because the pet will live in your house. While many people use branded chemical wormers such as Panacur or Drontal, its important to know that these tablets and creams can be harmful for dogs and especially puppies, and so its worth reading this useful article about natural dewormer for dogs and puppies.  Do read it as you will find out that in certain extreme cases, dewormers cause death to dogs.

Rescuing a dog is a kind and wonderful gesture. It gives that dog a new home, a new family and a new life. You must consider his needs too when picking the right dog. You and your new pet can have a happy home as long as you put enough thought into choosing the right one to a part of your life and your family.

If you are wondering where to find a rescue dog, a great place to start if you are in the USA is Hope for Paws  -

I hope this helps you in finding your new friend and family member! See you again soon!



Jackie 🙂  <3 <3 <3