3 Surprising Cat Care Tips Every Owner Should Know

caring for your catsIf you own a cat of course you want to ensure that you’re taking the best care of it and providing it with everything it needs to be happy and healthy. Many cat owners assume that some food and water, a clean litter box and a few toys are all that’s needed to keep their cats content and in good health, but this thinking may be shortsighted. Consider 3 surprising cat care tips every owner should know to keep their pet as happy and as healthy as can be.

Invest in a cat water fountain.

Running water is very enticing to cats; this is a natural reaction to them as running water is bound to be cleaner than water sitting in a puddle. This is why cats often like to jump on counters and drink from the tap, as the motion of the running water is what they love.

A good cat fountain can encourage cats to drink more water and this is important as many cats are dehydrated and don’t drink enough when they are only provided a bowl of water. Invest in a small cat fountain and you’ll have a healthier cat.

Bonus Tip

Cats can be very mysterious at times. Perhaps this is why cats are traditionally shown as the companions of witches and are associated to halloween, good luck and bad luck.  If you already have a cat you probably wonder what she is thinking sometimes and why her behavior can be erratic at times, one minute happy to be with you, the next lashing out.  I know this may be a bit contraversial for some but I believe that cats are very sensitive to energy and forces around, and perhaps spirits too. I once saw a thing where a cat would not respond to its name and a pet psychic spoke to it (after the owners could not think what else to do) and found out that it did not like its name!  After they changed it’s name it responded fully to its name and was much happier and more engaged with the family.

If you’re finding that your cat is showing signs of strange behaviour and you’ve checked all the normal things, if you are spiritually inclined, I recommend you try a pet psychic. You can find out who are the highest rated psychics here.  Yes I know that it sounds kind of zany but believe me, cats sometimes need this kind of thing!

Feed your cat canned food regularly.

Canned cat food usually contains a higher concentration of protein which is healthier for cats, and because it is more moist it’s better for their coat and their skin. Dry kibble also typically doesn’t appeal to a cat’s finicky palate, so a cat may not get enough food and nutrition if this is all you serve it. Mix some moist, canned cat food with the dry every day if you cannot afford only canned food, and your cat will get the nutrition it needs and will ensure it eats enough as well.

Only use natural, clumping litter.

Avoid litters that have certain perfumes added to them and anything other than natural, clumping litter. Those additives put into litters to cut down on odors are usually irritating to cats and may cause him or her to try to avoid using the litter box. If possible, avoid liners in the box and if you do use a liner, make sure the litter is very thick so the cat doesn’t touch it. They find these liners also to be very unnatural and upsetting. Keep the box filled with clean, natural clumping litter and your cat will feel more relaxed every time it uses the box and in turn will be healthier overall.