Why Do Dogs and Cats Hate Each Other?

For thousands of years many people have wondered why do dogs and cats hate each other so much. Over the years, scientists have studied dogs and cats to find out more why they are so keen on clawing and biting each other out. Seeing dogs chasing cats and cats fighting back has been part of my day to day life, although my pets rarely fight each other since they have all grown up together and I never let them really hurt each other.

So I tried to find out why dogs chase cats and why they try to hurt each other. Well I did watch a few videos too here and there and this video shows a very good and clear explanation why dogs and cats fight.

Here is a bit of a breakdown why they do hate each other

1. Dogs and cats are carnivores – Basically in their DNA, dogs and cats are inherently competing against eating the same kind of food

2. Dogs and cats tend to be defensive about other animals in the wild – Dogs and cats are of different species. They practically don’t speak the same language so the dog would get upset with another animal just being there. Cats feel the same. Cats feel animosity towards other moving creatures who they do not know too.

3. Cats try to observe then avoid then dogs chase them – Well cats are animals who like to observe their surroundings and know if there is something that can harm them. Now if they see this, they will run away. Unfortunately, dogs see that if an object is running or moving fast that it needs to be chased. Dogs are hardwired to chase and hence when the cats run, they run after them. On the other hand, cats really dislike being chased even if the dog is just being playful about it and so the fight arises.

4. Cats and dogs behave differently – I think that this is the most important reason why they hate each other. They cannot understand one another. The cat normally wags its tail and makes its tail bigger as a sign of aggression why the dog does that as a friendly gesture. This causes them to misunderstand each other and fight.

Well I hope I gave you a bit of an insight on why dogs and cats hate each other. Well I think these animals can co-exist and live with each other in harmony if they are both shown enough love and attention. My furbabies all live in the same roof and all are happy with each other.