4 Ways to Save Money When You Own a Horse

Owning a horse can be a great experience for anyone and especially for children who may love to ride and play with them. Caring for a horse can help children learn about animals and develop a love of nature, and it can be a good way to spend time outdoors. However, horses can be expensive to own and maintain, so consider four ways you can save money when you own a horse.

Buy hay in season.

Summer is the best time for hay and you can save money if you buy hay in bulk during this time, either bundling your own or having it delivered. Avoid buying hay in wintertime as you’ll pay top dollar to have it bundled and delivered to you. Make sure you stock up during the warmer months and you’ll save money all year. You also opt to make your own hay in the summer time to save a lot more money! You can choose from different types of grass and legumes that you can use to make your own hay right in your own barn. There are many tips and good resources to help you along in creating the food and making a good life for your horse.

Buy grain in bulk.

It can be good to have a way to store loose grain near or in your barn so you can buy grain in bulk rather than by the bag. Check with a local farmer’s co-op or small farm who may offer better prices on bulk grain, and purchase as much as you can store. This too will save you money all year long.

Repair rather than replace equipment.

Many pieces of equipment can be sewn by hand if you don’t have access to a sewing machine that can handle leather and other thick materials. You might also see about investing in fabric glues that can help to repair items so they don’t need to be replaced.

Blankets and rugs can also be cleaned and repaired rather than replaced. Invest in a brush you would use to clean a car along with some horse soap, and take the time to really clean your blankets and rugs rather than simply buying them new when they get worn down.

Check out farms for equipment rather than equipment stores.

Very often farms will sell their used equipment for horses for much cheaper than what you would pay at any equipment store. When you need forks, brooms, halters, buckets, and everything else for the care of your horse, look for local farms who have these pieces for sale. Buying them used will be cheaper while still getting the items you need specifically for caring for a horse.

Remember these four simple tips for saving money when you own or care for your own horse.