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About us

Welcome to Paw-Wow 


My name is Gabriele (alias tundra) and I am the Owner of Horse,Dog and Cat-Paw-Wow.

I am creating and developing Paw-Wow to bring us Pet Owners together, so we can connect, communicate and help one another.

 I hope you all will bare with me while I am still designing this Site and of course I like to hear from you.

 If you have a great idea/suggestion on how to make Paw-Wow even more beneficial and helpful  to us, just post your input/comment to my Blog " Helpful Ideas to improve our Site".

As a Member you are going to be able to find other like minded Pet Owners and connect, talk or meet. Members will be able to form there own Groups/Friends, live chat, post to the Forum (Pet related) and post to Classifieds.

 I will also post a “Paw Amber Alert” Blog, so anyone missing a pet in Southern California let me know and I will post it to the Home page (always free).


Southern California Pet related Businesses are welcome to advertise at Horse, Dog and Cat Paw-Waw in our Business Classifieds or Banner Advertising on Front Page. Please contact Admin. for further Info.


Best for last Membership will be free till November 1st. 2009 while we are still in the design stages (check Membership for Fee), so check it out, be part of our SoCal Paw-Wow community. Pass on the News to every Horse, Dog & Cat owner you know, what better way to grow with great Folks/Pet Owners but to invite our friends and neighbors.


See ya at Paw-Wow.



Alias” tundra”