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Not sure if Paw-Wow is for you, here is HOW WE WORK for you and your pets!

At Horse, Dog and Cat Paw-Wow we are connecting Pet Owners with one another on anything and everything about our Pet's that is helpful and good for the Pets and their Owners.

1. Your Profile is your best tool and advertisement to connect to other great Pet Owners. Take a few minutes to make it shine with your info and photos. Let other Pet Owners know about your Pets and your interests regarding your Pets.

Pet Owners interested in what you have to offer or looking for in Classifieds, Forum, Photos and so on are going to check out your Profile to meet you and your Animals before deciding to contact you.

2. Advance Search is the most important tool to use for any Paw-Wow guest or member to find/connect to what they are looking for, by location, Animal Breeds, Pet Business/Service and so on. (Check everything that applies to you in your Profile).

3. Important Tip, if you are a Horse Owner and Dog Owner, as well as a Dog Sitter Service and want to be found regarding your Dog Sitter Service, make sure to register as a Dog Owner. Complete your Profile info by checking "Also a... Dog Sitter Service.

4. In your Profile check all the Animal Breeds you own (Horse, Dog and/or Cat), but register with the Animal Breed you want to be found by. Example: You are a Horse and Dog Owner and also a Horse Trainer, register as a Horse Owner.

5. Can I register twice? YES you can. If you want to register with your Pet Business/Service/Ranch and so on and also as a private Pet Owner or you are a Dog Breeder and a Horse Farm, you may register as a Horse Owner, Also a... Horse Farm and again as a Dog Owner also a... Dog Breeder. (you will have to use different e-mail accounts to register for two accounts).

6. PLEASE everyone interested to join us make sure to fill out your basic info ( Age, correct City/State and Animal Breeds you own), placing a Profile Photo will make your Profile shine and Horse, Dog and Cat Paw-Wow as well ( let's help out one another and support). Any trouble downloading a photo just e-mail Support and they will help ya.

7. Can I place my Pet related Website Link in my Profile? Yes, this is a privilege for full access Members and everyone is a full access till Dec.1st 2009 ( date may change while we still designing and developing Paw-Wow to the most benefit for our Members and their Pets/ every Link will be checked by Admin to be appropriate and about pets only) .

8. Let other great Pet Owners know you around by logging into your account as often as you like, Pet Owners currently online will be contacted more often. So hang out, visit our Photo Gallery, place a comment, bring a smile. : )

Any Questions feel free to post them here and we will answer them.

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