How it works

At Horse, Dog and Cat Paw-Wow, Pet Owners connect local,

You will be auto joined at your local “My Home” groups, representing only Pet Owners from your State and Country, and at the same time connect Global at “Home”.

Chat local at your " My Home" group, where pet owners from only your home state are represented, national at your countries "My Home" group, or chat Global with everyone at "Home".

Our Chat Rooms allow to not only communicate text, but also files and photos.

Choose your USERNAME wisely (can not be changed/you may change your password), let it reflect you & your pets, for example: your Kennel/Ranch/Pet Service name.

At Paw-Wow we are all about connecting, so there is really no need for some secret coding, leave the coding for your password.

All registered members are able to use all features offered.

Members are able to place a Classified with all info desired (Website Link/E-mail/Phone/Photos ect).

Keep in mind, all Classifieds posted on “Home” (International) will be viewable by everyone (less safe), including non-members. (see Safety Features)

If you are familiar with Websites like “You Tube” and “My Space”, we here at Paw-Wow function similar to these Community sites, only here at Paw-Wow it is all about connecting Horse, Dog and/or Cat Owners only.


Search Feature:Our search tools are set up to target everything pet related, if your pet breed, service or business is not in our search database, let us know and we will add it.

 Be specific when setting up your profile page, other pet owners will be able to also search by keywords/phrase to find what they are looking for.

We are set up to benefit our professional and private pet owners alike, with many tools/features to find the right connections, contacts, friends and/or to have a presence among Pet Owners all year round.