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About us

Welcome to Paw-Wow 


My name is Gabriele (alias tundra) and I am the Owner of Horse,Dog and Cat-Paw-Wow.

I am creating and developing Paw-Wow to bring us Pet Owners together, so we can connect, communicate and help one another.




We are getting ready to switch to our new and improved software.

Brace yourselvs for a great surprise, everything accept our mission will be new.

New look, features, tool and more.

They have YouTube & MySpace we Pet Owners have

Horse, Dog and Cat Paw-Wow.

At this time we are planning to switch by Feb. 2010

All Pet Owners will be able to connect local at "My Home" (representing all Pet Owners from only your US-State or Country) and at the same time go National/International at "Home", where everybody meets.


We will be welcoming Pet Owners from all US -States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.

While our safety features are going in place, we will in the beginning limit registrations to the above areas only.

We will continue our efforts to keep Horse, Dog and Cat Paw-Wow safe and growing with great Pet Owners.

All Pet Owners who have completed their Profiles with their basic info (this includes your Pet breeds) are going to be switched by us, everyone else will need to re-register.



. Pass on the News to every Horse, Dog & Cat owner you know, what better way to grow with great Folks/Pet Owners but to invite our friends and neighbors.


See ya at Paw-Wow.



Alias” tundra”